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So we’re at the end of March already?!😱

2023 is going scarily quick already, here are 10 top things I’ve learned so far this year in no particular order…

1️⃣ The power of LinkedIn🤯

2️⃣ Stop worrying so much about getting my words wrong (I love writing but my dyslexia doesn’t always agree with me)✍️

3️⃣ Self-care through downtime, exercise, nutrition, unplugging etc is a must😴

4️⃣ My anxiety and phobias do not define who I am🧠

5️⃣ The power of a dog companion is second to none, Benji lifts me up everyday🐶

6️⃣ Expressing gratitude everyday helps you realise what matters🙏

7️⃣ I am stronger than I thought I was💪

8️⃣ Kindness conquers all, you never know what someone is going though🥰

9️⃣ Mastering the Airfryer…😏 😋

🔟 How many hours I have wasted watching Love Island😳


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