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Seek Discomfort.

Seek Discomfort.

I really love this slogan from the YouTube channel Yes Theory, who explore the idea that most of life's greatest and most rewarding moments come when you step outside of your comfort zone.

It's great to be reminded of the benefits of discomfort when going back into situations like networking events and in-person meetings after becoming so accustomed to communicating through screens recently. In the moment, staying wrapped up in bed seems a far more tempting option than going to a business breakfast where I don't know a single face. But part of running your own company and not having a 'boss' means that you have to force yourself into some of these situations, as no one else is going to. Often when I've woken up dreading these kind of events the most, that's when I leave them feeling incredibly fulfilled having made some great connections.

I'm also currently 'seeking discomfort' by training to do a triathlon later this year, something that still feels a very long way from being possible. But having this daft plan in place has meant that if nothing else, I'm in a much better routine each morning, knowing I need to train a certain amount of each discipline every week. Even if the earlier starts and intense sessions aren't always much fun in the moment, it leaves me in a much more positive place physically and mentally for the rest of the day.

Finally, I'm taking a bit of inspiration from Yes Theory amongst others by starting a YouTube channel this year. Imagine how cool it would be to reach a point where you can go up to strangers on the street and take them on mystery holidays. That's exactly what they do in the film below, one of my favourite videos ever.


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