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Is AI going to take over video?

We’ve all had those dreaded thoughts…

“AI is going to take over the world!”

“AI is going to start doing our jobs for us and there will be nothing left for us creatives to do!”

It is scary.

Someone on ‘Answer the public’ asked: Will AI take over video editing?

The rise of AI can be seen as an opportunity or as a threat.

Whilst AI can automate certain tasks, improve efficiency and do a lot of things.

One thing it cannot replace is the human touch and creative vision that video production companies bring to their projects.

However, with AI becoming more prominent, using it as a collaborative tool could actually become beneficial to a lot of creatives.

By leveraging its capabilities to streamline workflows, enhance productivity and unlock new creative possibilities, creatives could achieve greater efficiency, cost-effectiveness and innovation all whilst maintaining that human touch that makes your product so unique.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s scary! But I believe the future relationship between video creatives and AI can and will be harmonious.

Those who choose to embrace and adapt to this transformation will thrive in the evolving landscape of the industry.


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