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Imposter Syndrome.

Have you ever felt like you didn't deserve your achievements?

Or that you were just lucky and soon everyone would find out you're a fraud?

You're not alone!

Imposter syndrome affects countless individuals, even the most accomplished professionals.

It can manifest in many different ways. For me, it often creeps in during moments of success or recognition. I find myself questioning whether I truly earned my accomplishments or if I'm just fooling everyone around me.

It is a persistent voice that undermines our confidence and dulls those moments meant for celebration.

The truth is, imposter syndrome is a complete LIAR.

It feeds on our insecurities and minimises our capabilities.

The reality is that we have worked hard, we have gained valuable skills and earned our place in our respectable fields.

It's essential to remind ourselves of this truth and give ourselves credit where it's due.

You are talented, capable and deserving of your accomplishments. We need to acknowledge and challenge imposter syndrome which will help us to thrive.

It's important to embrace our true strengths, support one another and try to remember the truth amongst the lies in our minds.

It's so important to have these conversations.

Have you ever experienced imposter syndrome?


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