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Igloo | Ben Simpson Furniture

At Igloo, we collaborate and create regular short-form video content for the incredible Ben Simpson Furniture.

Our videos showcase the brand's exquisite craftsmanship and rustic designs.

Regular video content is crucial for businesses as it enhances engagement, builds trust, and strengthens the brand's connection with customers.

Videos allow for product demonstrations, foster emotional connections, and improve online visibility through SEO and social media.

Ben Simpson Furniture can leave a lasting impact on its audience and establish a distinctive brand identity through regular content.

We LOVE working with these guys.

Their product is awesome and discovering where it all started was amazing.

Sustainability is at the heart of their business which matters more than anything!

They offer a range of premium handcrafted wooden furniture from their purpose-built workshop based in West Sussex.

Please check them out if you get a chance!


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