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I need to be transparent with you...

YouTube has helped me learn a lot of things.

I've used many YouTube tutorials to help grow my skills with the likes of Adobe Illustator and even when it comes to learning about new cameras and kit.

Sometimes we are too hard on ourselves and are expected to know everything, but even people who work on films like Avatar will sit and watch a YouTube tutorial to learn a new method or skill for that particular project.

Here's a few reasons why YouTube can be of such importance to us creatives!

1️⃣ Accessible and Affordable: YouTube tutorials are easily accessible and often free of charge, making it possible for anyone to learn new skills without investing a lot of money.

2️⃣ Expertise and Experience: Many YouTubers who create tutorials are industry professionals with years of experience, offering valuable insights and techniques that cannot be found in traditional education.

3️⃣ Community and Collaboration: YouTube has a large community of creators, and many tutorials offer opportunities for collaboration and feedback, creating a supportive environment for learners.

4️⃣ Relevant and up-to-date: With the ever-changing landscape of technology, YouTube tutorials are often more up-to-date and relevant than traditional education.

5️⃣ Opportunities for Self-improvement: By following YouTube tutorials, learners can gain confidence and skills, and even discover new passions and career paths they never knew existed.

Anyone else watch YouTube tutorials?


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