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"I Don't Know What to Write." – Overcoming Writer's Block on LinkedIn 🖊️

Sometimes, despite our best intentions, the words just don't flow easily.

I often forget to remind myself that feeling stuck is completely normal.

We all face moments when the blank screen seems intimidating.

I find myself dwelling on it so much and putting lots of pressure on myself to come up with something profound, but instead I realise it's more important to approach it in a different way...

1. I think to embrace authenticity is the most important thing. Sharing genuine moments or experiences. Even if you feel its not important or interesting enough, people connect with the real stuff.

2. Asking for insights and reaching out to your network can spark ideas and creativity. LinkedIn in full of a community with knowledgable individuals who can share their expertise.

3. Perhaps use a post as an opportunity to celebrate others. It could be a friend, someone you work with, a family member or even a stranger. This can create a real feel good atmosphere in your network.

4. Look at your growth. Personal or work related. Whether it feels like it or not, we are all growing. The things around us everyday increases our growth as people. Talking about growth and the lessons we've learned can help people who have gone through similar situations and challenges.

When you have writers block, what do you do?

I'd love to hear your thoughts!

Please feel free to share your tips and experiences in the comments below or drop me a message!


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