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When I first joined LinkedIn, my network was quite limited, consisting of only a few connections.

Over the past few months, I have been able to expand my network and establish valuable connections with people from various industries and backgrounds.

For any of my connections who don't really know me or know what I do...

Hi, I'm Emily, I'm 25 years old and co founder of Igloo Media.

Igloo Media is a video production business, we'll be 5 this year!

I run my business with my fiancé Nathan.

My role, apart from being director is videographer (the one who films the stuff), digital illustrator (I design characters, scenery and graphics for Nathan to animate) and video editor (where the magic happens and your project really comes to life)!

Igloo offers a wide range of video services from punchy animated explainer videos, motion graphic social ads to documentary style filmmaking for your campaign.

I have always wanted to make videos, so being able to do it every day is amazing!

I also have a strong passion and love for animals and love anything wholesome, like a good summers walk and a tasty barbeque in the evening sun with family and friends.

I don't tend to like posting photos of myself but I think it's good to give context and see me in action doing what I do best!

Here's a recent picture of me (with an intense concentration face) shooting in Glasgow for a sustainable timber research project!


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