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Bespoke Animation: The Best Way to Stand Out🤩

At Igloo, we provide bespoke animation. Focus on the word bespoke! This type of animation isn’t just thrown together ‘willy nilly’. These are animations that are illustrated and created, made to measure and drawn to your exact specifications. It’s bringing your ideas and stories to life.

What makes bespoke such a good idea? Well, using this type of illustrative animation we can help you produce visuals your target audience can relate to. For example, making scenes, characters or products instantly recognisable. This is something you just cannot do with templated animations. Bringing your brand to life using bespoke animation means your audience are going to be far more engaged and hooked at your story or message compared to watching a generic animation.

With bespoke, you’re future proofing your animations. This means your competitors aren’t able to re-use certain templates, making your brand stand out from the crowd. With bespoke, you won’t have to worry about having a general framework where you just add your logo and colours, you’ll have complete freedom to make your visuals a reality!

Bespoke animation really is the power tool for marketing managers looking for creative ways to stand out. It creatively delivers your message in a format that is completely limitless as our imagination.

Here’s an example of our bespoke animation we collaborated on with Freedom Works Ltd. Collaborating with them and immersing ourselves in their brand allowed us to create a short promo that brought their brand to life in a new fresh way!

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