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Backup the backup of your backup’s backup.

The darkest day in the otherwise rather cheerful existence of our business came one grey winter’s morning a few years back.

I foolishly left the zipper of my laptop case open, with my main hard drive in it, just millimetres from the edge of the kitchen worktop.

Emily Ferguson went to move the case and out flew the hard drive, crashing onto the floor. We tried plugging it back into the laptop, but all we were left with was an error message and a disturbingly loud clicking noise.

But it was ok, we had a backup. Or at least we did, until that one corrupted the very same day. Oh dear.

Dozens of projects, hundreds of hours of footage, and probably a few funny dog memes, all shattered into non-existence. Fortunately not for long, as Gatwick Computers came to the rescue and managed to restore every single file - which is apparently incredibly rare!

Ever since, we’ve been sure to go overboard with a combination of online and physical backups for each and every project. The investment into a proper backup system is well worth the avoided stress of potentially losing important projects.

The moral of the story… don’t leave your zipper undone.


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